Good Sex Gives you more

sx4I want to address the subject of sex. Not just sex, but good sex. Not something X rated or inappropriate for being included in an article. Something with relevant information that will help to make good sex better.

First lets define what is “no sex, bad sex, good sex and great sex.” No sex is when you are not engaged in having sex at all. Abstaining due to not having that special someone in your life. It is something that everyone typically has to deal with at some point in their life.

Bad sex is when two people are engaged in a relationship and end up not being satisfied due to a variety of factors. Maybe their weight is a hindrance; maybe their health prevents them from satisfying their mate; maybe they are unskilled in the art of lovemaking and cannot please the person they are with. Bad sex can have a terrible impact on the quality of a relationship.

Good sex is ideal for most people. Here you have a partner who engages in activities that please you and there is mutual satisfaction on both ends. The night ends with two satisfied people who know they have hit a home run.

Great sex is the exception. When people are fortunate to reach this level they find that sex has taken on a whole new dimension. Things occur like multiple orgasms, feelings of total contentment and being totally open and relaxed in that person’s presence is the norm. It would be fair to say that most people have not entered into a great sexual relationship with another person.

Some keys to getting to the great sex phase;

1) You need an emotional connection to have great sex – This is both a physical and emotional connection. It requires not only the body but a connection of the heart as well to be great.

2) Forget about casual sex – you can’t meet a person in a bar and expect to have great sex. Great sex involves both an emotional and physical connection.

3) Creativity is the key – you must be open and willing to be what your partner needs. No one should be forced to have sex when they don’t want to in ways they don’t want to do it. Imagination can make a bedroom a great place to not only play out fantasies but to enjoy each others company.